I get this error on my installation with Drupal 9.5.0, PHP 8.1.12, drupal/leaflet 10.0.5, drupal/civicrm_entity 3.3.0, civicrm/civicrm-core 5.56.1 :

`Error : Call to undefined method Drupal\civicrm_entity_leaflet\Plugin\views\style\CivicrmEntityAddressLeafletMap::setResetMapControl() dans Drupal\civicrm_entity_leaflet\Plugin\views\style\CivicrmEntityAddressLeafletMap->buildOptionsForm() (/home/xxx/drupal/web/modules/contrib/civicrm_entity/modules/civicrm_entity_leaflet/src/Plugin/views/style/CivicrmEntityAddressLeafletMap.php ligne 206)`

Do you have any solutions to fix this error? Thanks

  • We have one unmerged PR for todo with leaflet, version versions greater than or equal to 2.2.9 github.com/eileenmcnaughton/civicrm_entity/pull/396 Error looks different in what you report, but perhaps will help, or further updates along these lines are necessary. Its possible more updates are now required for 10.x of Leaflet. Jan 14 at 23:44
  • 1
    yeah, 10.x removed that function that throws the error: git.drupalcode.org/project/leaflet/-/blob/10.0.x/modules/… What we did is copy/paste/modify that plugin above, and just modify a few things so it works with CiviCRM Address lat/long fields, instead of other Drupal fields. If you can downgrade to Leaflet 2.2.8 it will work, until we update things. I may have to take civicrm_entity_leaflet and make a separate module, and have different versions for the different versions of Leaflet Jan 14 at 23:46


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