I set up a CiviRule that when an Address is added for a Contact some relationships are created depending on the zip code for that Contact.

Now I create some Contacts via an import of a CSV file. I assign the correct rows to be mapped into the Home Address and I can see the correct data in the Contact after importing.

~Unfortunately, the Trigger "Address is added" in CiviRule is not triggered, and the rule is not executed.~

How can I make sure that the rule is triggered correctly?

I found out that the Trigger "Contact of any type is added" is in fact triggered during the import. but for that one I cannot add a "Field value filter" for a field that belongs to the address (eg. the zip code).

Any ideas on that?

UPDATE: I tried to reproduce the behavior, and now "Address is added" was triggered. My working hypothesis is, that I imported a contact that was already there and thus (via duplicates) was only updated, but no adress really added. I close this question as answered.

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The trigger is potentially not fired because the import process does not fire the corresponding post hook for the address. So Civirules simply does not "see" that an address is created. If that is true you could say that it is not so much a problem of Civirules but more a problem of the import, although that does not help you.

That might be the case but you could try with a "addess is changed" trigger to see if that works?

If you are familiar with debugging it is pretty straightforward to check if the Address post hook is fired. Are you?

  • no, I'm not yet familiar with debugging civiCRM
    – mplh
    Jan 24, 2023 at 15:28

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