This evening, I was working on adding a few custom fields to a profile we're using for an event. Finished up, tested, all was well. I went to take my test registration off the event and check that the right staff were copied on the notification and instead, I'm getting screens that look like this: enter image description here

Errors look like this:

enter image description here

Any suggestions? I have torn out most of my hair now. I'm also a javascript idiot, so be gentle.

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For anyone else who might have this same snafu, this was what happened:

  1. Asset caching had been enabled in Debugging and Error Handling I usually set this as disabled, but we have been working on website speed for a while, so I enabled it. For two weeks, I had no problem with it.

  2. BUT the uploaded image files resource url which is usually [civicrm.files]/persist/contribute/dyn is set to go somewhere outside of civi.

With the asset caching set, it was looking for js and css files in [civicrm.files]/persist/contribute/dyn, which is where it would store those for caching. This meant NO menu as the crm-menu related things would be stored there. I have no idea why I didn't have this problem sooner.

However, there was also a little piece of javascript in a formatting field in the profile I was using for this event, which caused the screens and errors above.

So, two unrelated errors, I think. An extra two hours troubleshooting. And, as always with me, it was a PICNIC error (Problem in chair, not in computer). Hopefully, my late night troubleshooting will help someone else.

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