The only way I have found to indent paragraphs in the PDF letters I am producing with CiviCRM and DOMPDF, is to add (manually in the code) a class attribute to the HTML <p> tag as in <p class="indent"> and to put next line into the www/wp-content/plugins/civicrm/civicrm/css/print.css file:

.indent {
        margin-left: 8cm;

This works, but since print.css is overwritten at each update of CiviCRM, I am asking for a better solution, not loosing the settings at each update.

I tried to develop an extension called pdfstyle having an extra CSS file pdfstyle.css in its top directory, which is referred by the smarty statement

{crmStyle ext=pdfstyle file=pdfstyle.css}

which is poorly documented, by the way, as far as I have found. The styles defined in this way are not applied to the PDF output. I tried also to enclose the CSS statements in pdfstyle.css into a statement @media print with the same lack of results. I have no idea on how to go further.


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