This is a WordPress 6.1.1 site. During the upgrade from 5.46.3 to 5.57.3 (using cv), errors came up re table civicrm_search_segment not existing, as in this comment on issue: Upgrader - Apply extension updates after core updates. Tried running the extension database updates separately before or after with cv & eventually succeeded running these from the UI.

Table civicrm_search_segment was created but is empty. Before the upgrade there were about a dozen SearchKit saved searches, afterwards none show in the UI. Same result from multiple attempts.

Tried exporting a search from a copy of the pre-upgrade 5.46.3 site & importing into the upgraded 5.57.3 site. This failed with the following error displayed on the import dialog: Unsupported API action: only "save" is allowed.

Tried changing the API method in the pasted export code from "create" to "save", it then gave a different message: No records to import.

Any suggestions for how to restore the missing SearchKit searches?

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The answer in this case turned out to be to update the Entity tables list extension from version 1.1 to 1.2 - the searches then reappeared.

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