I am installing a new installation of Civicrm 5.58.0 on Wordpress 6.1.1. I am trying to add Stripe as a payment processor on the "Administer Payment Processor" page and the only processor I can add is Paypal - Website Payment Pro. I have the Stripe extension installed along with the associated other extensions required. However, when I chose "Stripe" as the processor when adding a new processor, the screen immediately refreshes and redirects back to the "Administer Payment Processor" page without adding Stripe... I am not even able to enter any Stripe specifics because as soon as I select Stripe in the dropdown, the page redirects. This happens on all the other processors as well. As a test, I installed Authorize.net's extension and tried to add that one as a processor with the same redirect occurring as soon as selected it in the dropdown.

I get no error in the console or Civicrm log files, apache logs or syslog. Any help would be appreciated.

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Are you using the experimental 'CiviCRM Administration UI' extension? There was a problem like this in 5.58 that is fixed for 5.59. Try disabling that extension, or applying https://github.com/civicrm/civicrm-core/pull/25340

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