We have created a Custom Data Group call Certifications. The Certification fields are 5 multi-select check boxes.

The problem is when we create more than 22 of these Certification Data Fields, then when editing the fields for a specific Contact, we lose the View/Edit field at the far right, and the actual certification data fields don't show up.

I think this is more of a FORM/web-page problem than a DB issue. I see there is an issue (https://lab.civicrm.org/dev/core/-/issues/1330) where more than 92 custom fields is an issue. This problem shows up with 23 custom data fields.

Presumably I can work around the problem by break up our data into different Certification Categories. But thought I would point out the issue here, to see if anyone has suggestions. Here are the screen shots that show the problem. Thanks in advance.
failure mode works with only 22 items


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I switched from the Certification field being a TAB (in Contacts) to INLINE, and now the certification list is a VERTICAL list inside the Contact form and it works. And I like it better.

However, side-note, we have a hard limit of 63 custom fields in the Certification group. I think this is an SQL Join limit (we are using Civi-Spark).

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