is it possible to migrate existing paypal subscriptions (not created with CiviCRM) to CiviCRM? I tried:

  1. to create a recurring contribution with Paypal invoice Id in the field civicrm_contribution_recur.invoice_id
  2. to activate PayPal IPN

Do you know what other steps need to be taken?

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I don't think so. Here's a similar question: What are my options for importing recurring contributions?

The subscription information held at paypal includes the IPN url (https://developer.paypal.com/api/nvp-soap/ipn/IPNIntro/), which is how paypal communicates about new payments made as part of the subscription. As far as I know, you can't modify the IPN url. If you had a way of redirecting or proxying those ipn calls to the equivalent CiviCRM ipn, you might get it working.

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