I have 1 local environment, 1 dev, 1 staging and 1 prod.

Everything is fine on local and dev, but on staging and prod, the SearchKit page looks like that:

Screenshot of the broken SearchKit page displaying Twig

The console says:

Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: savedSearchesProvider <- savedSearches <- searchList
    Angular 39
    jQuery 2
    <anonymous> Angular
    jQuery 7
    <anonymous> Common.js:1606
    jQuery 8
 <div ng-view="" class="ng-scope">

I tried to cleanup groups and saved searches, as suggested in Search kit list display broken with no results.

I've cleaned-up the cache to.

Why am I stuck like this?

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Just found out!

The call was made by searchList.controller.js which is automatically loaded from civicrm/ext/search_kit/ang/crmSearchAdmin/

But this file has been removed in CiviCRM 5.42 and its deletion was omitted in one of my upgrades.

just cleaned-up the directory:

rm civicrm/ext/search_kit/ang/crmSearchAdmin/searchList.*

and everything goes fine.

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