We are building a search form using a search kit. Based on saved search name

          "return": "page:1",
          "savedSearch": "Member_Player_Search",
          "display": "Table",
          "sort": [
          "limit": 50,
          "seed": 1682511192645,
          "filters": {
            "last_name": "test",
            "first_name": "user"
          "afform": "afsearchPlayerSearch"

Example :

if (!empty($filter['last_name'])) {
  $filter['custom_123'] = 1;
// custom_123 is boolean field of Yes/No.

If the last name is not empty in the filter then I want to add an additional filter before making a call to contact api. (through hook)

Is this feasible ?

I tried using the search kit tool fx if/else functionality but was not able to figure it out in the UI to make the same condition.

Drupal 9, CiviCRM 5.57

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I think the apiWrapper hook can do this (it's deprecated, but scroll down to see how to implement it the new way)

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