I'd like to import a lot of contributions monthly. After import is done, I can create a custom search, to find all members, who's contributions are imported, and can send them a "Thank You"-letter, but my question is, if is it possible to send "Thank You" emails immediately, automatically after the import? (I've tried to create a rule in CiviRule, but I Can't find out, how to send "thank You" mail.)

CMS: Drupal 7, CRM: CiviCRM 5.60

Thank you!

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In CiviRules, you can add a Send E-mail Action with an email template that you've created at Administer - Communications - Message Templates. You can use a Contribution is added Trigger, but you'll need to figure out a condition that will only select your imported contributions. Maybe Financial Type, Campaign or Payment Method would work? Or perhaps you could use a custom Contribution Status and then change them all after?

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    OK, one thing is essential, for having Send Email action, you have to install Email API extension. Than everting works fine...
    – Pál Rudan
    Apr 30, 2023 at 18:29

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