I have built a Membership Register using SearchKit / FormBuilder (https://cgdent.uk/civicrm/member-register-grid/). To enhance the Register, I would like to use the "Link" function in SK for the user to navigate to a detail record for the Individual member. I anticipate creating a separate form, using Formbuilder, to display the selected individual detail record (which might, for instance, include an image or logo). I cannot discover the syntax for the Link that will pass the id of the selected record to the detail form for public display. Is this even possible? I am using CiviCRM 5.58.1 and Wordpress.

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You can pass an id to a search form by adding eg /#?user_id=23 See the docs or here


I prefer to create a view using search kit and include the search kit in a form and use the id from the url to filter the result of the search kit to specific contact id

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