My website is built on Drupal, and I prefer using Drupal hooks over CiviCRM hooks for modifying and validating forms, as I find Drupal modules easier to create and their hooks more user-friendly. However, when I follow the standard Drupal alter process, such as employing hook_form_alter and using krumo($form_id) to print out and identify the form's ID, I am unable to obtain any output for CiviCRM forms.

Is it possible to use Drupal hooks instead of CiviCRM hooks for this purpose? I would greatly appreciate any assistance that anyone can provide. Thank you very much.

  • what sort of 'civicrm forms' are you dealing with?
    – petednz - fuzion
    May 29, 2023 at 20:20

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The forms themselves aren't drupal forms so drupal hooks won't do anything, but you can put civi hook implementations in a drupal module, if you prefer using drupal modules over civi extensions.

Note there is a caching/bootstrap bug where the civi hooks won't get called from a drupal module if running via command line, but they work in the UI.

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