Currently, when I inspect the form structure in CiviCRM using CRM_Core_Error::debug($form), the output is presented as text, which makes it difficult to investigate. enter image description here

I'd like to find a way to make the output of CRM_Core_Error::debug($form) more user-friendly and similar to Drupal's Devel module's expandable items. I tried using krumo($form), but it didn't work. Any suggestions? enter image description here

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Yes, you can do similar to CRM_Core_Error::debug_var but using the html dumper:

$dumpForm = (new \Symfony\Component\VarDumper\Dumper\HtmlDumper('php://output'))
  ->dump((new \Symfony\Component\VarDumper\Cloner\VarCloner())->cloneVar($form));

and then there's little expandy triangles on the right of expandable lines:

enter image description here

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