Here are our membership rules, they seem ok. Member rulesWe're using CiviCRM 5.58.1 with Wordpress. After a recent set of upgrades we are experiencing an issue where current members who are renewing their membership are now flagged as new members after renewing. My guess is that this is as a result of Civi being unable to match the fields correctly. Is anyone else having this issue and do you have any suggestions as to how to resolve the issue. Thanks!

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When you say they're "flagged as new", I assume you mean their Membership Status field is marked "New".

If so, then someone has probably configured the membership statuses incorrectly. Go to Administer menu » CiviMember » Membership Status Rules. My guess is someone has modified the New status to use Start Date and not Join Date.

Below is a screenshot of the statuses as they appear on a new installation of CiviCRM. Default CiviCRM membership statuses

  • Thanks for your help. I've uploaded the rules above and they don't seem much different to the ones you've added. Can you think of anything else?
    – Alg
    Jun 6 at 6:05
  • 1
    Can you check if the 'Update Membership Statuses' scheduled job is running? Administer > System Settings > Scheduled Jobs
    – Anil
    Jun 6 at 8:52
  • @Alg I second Anil's suggestion. It may well be that you've fixed the problem, but that won't change existing statuses, you need to run the scheduled job. Jun 6 at 18:06
  • @Anil The Membership status processor job seems to be running fine. I executed as per your advice but then checked and it ran and updated records yesterday so not sure what's going on here...
    – Alg
    Jun 7 at 6:31
  • @alg Try clicking "Edit" on a membership that has the wrong status, then click "Save" without changing anything. Memberships automatically recalculate status on save. If you're still having trouble, you may want to post a screenshot of the troublesome membership. Jun 7 at 15:33

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