I'm trying to use anchor links in Mosaico mails. (Yes I know they aren't universally supported in mail clients, but using them wasn't my decision :-)

According to this post this should be possible, entering the <a name=""> tag manually in code edit view. There are other posts discussing bugfixes for tracking issues with anchor links, so I thought they would be supported.

But it seems my Mosaico editor is stripping the <a name=""> tag (it disappears when saving).

I've not found a Civicrm config setting that addresses this...I assume it must be configurable in Mosaico? But I'm also having trouble finding Mosaico documentation that discusses this.

  • Update: I've found the Mosaico documentation talking about templating, but I'm really hoping there's a simpler way to address this!
    – minbori
    Jul 25 at 8:55
  • If it's useful info -- seems we're using the standard versafix-1 template.
    – minbori
    Jul 25 at 9:14
  • Which version of CiviCRM and which version of Mosaico?
    – Lars SG
    Jul 25 at 15:09
  • Drupal 9.5.3, CiviCRM 5.58.1, Mosaico 2.11.1676403645
    – minbori
    Jul 26 at 16:28
  • I'm not seeing that behaviour on the same setup, except Drupal 7 (which I don't think should make a difference). Maybe try it on dmaster.demo.civicrm.org and see if you have the same problem there?
    – Lars SG
    Jul 26 at 23:49


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