In the United States, you now have to apply for a 10DLC (10 digit long code) in order to send text messages from CiviCRM to your contacts.

I recently tried to follow all the instructions to register and I got through all of it except the last step: Registering a campaign.

I was rejected due to: "The campaign submission has been reviewed and it was rejected because of provided Opt-in information"

For the Opt In section of the form I wrote: "End users opt in by providing their cell phone number via an optional field on their membership form that lets them know they will receive text message reminders if they provide their number."

Apparently that is not good enogh. The approval requirements state:

Confirmation message must be delivered immediately after the Consumer opts into the program. 
Message must contain
    Program or product description
    Customer care contact information
    Opt-out instructions
    Product quantity or recurring messages program disclosure
    “Message and data rates may apply” disclosure

In another spot, it says you have to include a link to your sign up page that demonstrates the opt in procedure and includes a link to your privacy policy and your terms of service.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has successfully applied for a 10DLC and if so what you put in your application for the Opt in procedure? It seems we would have to set up a scheduled reminder that can trigger on sign ups and send an SMS to be fully in compliance.


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