CiviCRM provides an api by which we can create Scheduled Jobs to send CiviReport output via email on scheduled basis.

Is there any out-of-the-box functionality (probably via an extension, I would guess), that would provide similar behavior for SearchKit output from a saved search?

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There doesn't seem to be an extension, but see this recent discussion on chat for an option from Demerit, which I'm pasting here:

"I don't recommend this as a real solution, but for something quick and dirty you can put this in a file and schedule it with cron. Adjust params as needed."

cv api4 --user=admin_cms_user SearchDisplay.download savedSearch=saved_search_name display=search_display_name format=csv > report.csv  
echo "some text for the body" | mail -s "here you go" -S "[email protected]" -a report.csv [email protected]
rm -f report.csv

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