Salut. I have all language files and databases in the right place, I can choose German in the language selector, but the menu and everything else stays English (even when I switched to single-language instead of multi-language system, with focus German). Also when I choose the option to prioritize the language from the CMS (Wordpress in German), it still displays in English. No problem before the upgrade to 5.65.2 What can I do? Thank you for any hints. enter image description here enter image description here

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First message:

Possible solution - will be tested here - :

  • disable in the admin interface all except language EN
  • remove the installed language files in /l10n/ and /sql/
  • ... (to check what is inside the MySQL data base...)
  • install again using the extension " uplang ".

here what I have tested so far for the same problem:

CIVICRM: Same problem here for new installed

  • DRUPAL 10.1.5.
  • CIVICERM 5.66.0
  • Language files: Had been installed manually.
  • Configuration: "Language is inherited" from DRUPAL setting.

DRUPAL: All 4 languages working properly:

  • Based on "Language Switcher" of DRUPAL.
    • (for CIVICRM: Same name. Not yet checked in detail.)

CIVICRM: Working fine for EN FR ES

  • If DE is selected, then CIVICRM continues to use the last language, e.g. EN FR ES.

CIVICRM: I installed in addition

  • then afterwards the version "German (Switzerland)". There was no corresponding additional checkbox then in the CVCRM admin interface for Localization.

CIVICRM: I installed uplang . So far no effect.

  • I tried several other possible solutions. So far no success.

second message - some hours later:

The problem has been settled.

Due to various configuration steps until the final success, the cause of the final success can not be identified reliably.

The probable success cause is:

  • I enabled "German (Switzerland)"
  • and I disabled: the language option just "German"

Besides this, the following configuration steps were tried, too:

  • Disable, enable both German variants in the list of optional languages.
  • Set for CIVICRM the German language to the "contact" language, then revert to the setting "inherit the CMS DRUPAL setting".

Software problem? And I played with other options. But the most probable success cause is: Setting to "German (Switzerland)". In both cases, the DRUPAL language switcher sets to /de/

So DRUPAL only knows 1 option for "de" and CIVICRM knows 2 options. This might be the reason.

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