I need to update the Twitter logo on the socials block on Mosaico, but I can't see where to edit this to the new X logo instead? Any advice?

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    I recommend you call Elon and tell him to change it back. The old logo was better!
    – Coleman
    Oct 9, 2023 at 15:31

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I put in an issue for the mosaico people to update their logos. However, they are not very friendly or responsive.

Temporarily you can replace the icons in the folder, just keep the same file name - assuming you are using latest mosaico, go here: /civicrm/ext/uk.co.vedaconsulting.mosaico/packages/mosaico/templates/versafix-1/img/icons and keep it 96px

  • tw-black-96.png
  • tw-bw-96.png
  • tw-bwb-96.png
  • tw-colors-96.png
  • tw-coloured-96.png
  • tw-rdbl-96.png
  • tw-rdcol-96.png
  • tw-rdw-96.png
  • tw-sqbw-96.png
  • tw-sqbwb-96.png
  • tw-sqcolors-96.png
  • tw-sqrdbl-96.png
  • tw-sqrdcol-96.png
  • tw-sqrdw-96.png
  • tw-white-96.png

If a dev in the civi community could run the script for us, that would be ideal. Then we could have a common icon set for patching.

Note: As jon indicated, you would have to repatch with every mosaico update.

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    This is a good solution, but it will be overwritten on Mosaico upgrade. So you either need to a) re-apply after each update or b) you can go to Administer » CiviMail » Mosaico Settings, set a custom template directory, and copy your versafix-1 template into the custom template directory. Oct 10, 2023 at 1:38

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