Is there a report somewhere that will tell me how many bounces have occurred of a particular type for an email? So for example, I want to see if [email protected] has 2 "Syntax" type bounces, so if one more comes in this email will be put on-hold (because the threshold for this type is set to 3 by default). Or if not a report, some pointers toward a DB query that would get at the same data would be very helpful. ATM this process seems a bit of a black box, since I can't see what it is doing or why.

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The Bounce Report https://dmaster.demo.civicrm.org/civicrm/report/instance/30?reset=1&output=criteria lets you add Bounce Reason in the columns and as a Filter. Perhaps that is what you are after. Otherwise I expect SearchKit now provides a more tweakable approach


I noticed this was missing and added something to fill the gap in 5.65, but I now notice it is broken. Something must have gone wrong in the process — I will look into it and fix it.

If you click the little list icon beside the on hold date on the contact summary, you are supposed to get a list of the bounces for that email.

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