I am trying to work with the CiviEvent widget but several things baffle me. First, the date format is all wrong and I don't see a way to change that? The date is correct on the event page, but not in CiviEvent.

What I have: Date format is set to %E.%b%Y %H:%M
What I get: Okt. 22, 2023 5:15 pm
What I expect: 22.Okt.2023 17:15

How can I get the widget to output the correct date format?

Edit: I see that the plugin was last updated 5 years ago and this bug has already been reported 4½ years ago, so I guess the code is abandoned and there will be no solution to this problem until someone publishes a fork that fixes this. Dang!

Edit 2: I contacted the devs and they responded that "It's definitely patch-welcome, so not strictly abandoned, but we aren't proactively doing work on it." I am not a sufficiently skilled developer to fix this, so it will have to be that way.

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Try: Administer > Localisation > Date Formats


At lines 188-200 in civievent-widget.php

You can change the original parameters to %d.%B.%Y and %H:%M

// Get date and time formats.
    $params = array( 'name' => 'date_format' );
    $values = array();
    CRM_Core_DAO::commonRetrieve( 'CRM_Core_DAO_PreferencesDate', $params, $values );
    $this->_dateFormat = CRM_Utils_Array::value( 'date_format', $values, '%A %d %B %Y' );
    $params = array( 'name' => 'time_format' );
    $values = array();
    CRM_Core_DAO::commonRetrieve( 'CRM_Core_DAO_PreferencesDate', $params, $values );
    $this->_timeFormat = CRM_Utils_Array::value( 'time_format', $values, '%H:%M' );

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