Our organisation (a u3a) has many Groups. Each Group (apart from administrative Groups) has a Group coordinator. I have created a custom field ‘Coordinator of’ and would like the profile entry to be a multi select drop-down list containing the current list of Groups. (Some members coordinate more than one Group).

This is because although I can create a Group of Group Coordinators for mailing purposes, I like to add a token, indicating which Groups they coordinate, to the email.

There is a field in the profile for a contact for Group membership that does this. Can I use this somehow in a custom field or do I need to add a hook and write code?

We are working in Wordpress and I am very much a newbie.

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welcome - as i understand this, you want a 'multiple record' field on the contact, so you can then include a token which would list all the Groups they are a coordinator for? I am not sure if tokens currently work well for multiple records. I just set up a custom field on dmaster demo site, and that worked fine in terms of having my contact set up as coordinator for several groups. but i don't see the token for that field (which may be where you already got to?).

I did also try the Fuzion Token extension but no change there.

This old reply suggests it can be done Tokens for Custom Field Set with Multiple Records and there seems to be some suggestions here with more details, though for a different context

  • Thanks for this @petednz - fusion. I am happy for the custom field to return a string as it is very unlikely to contain more than 3 Groups. We can clearly do this using manual entry but that can result in typos. Your answer and included link makes me think that manual entry may be best, however. Nov 23, 2023 at 8:23
  • "Some members coordinate more than one Group". wold it be worth thinking about doing a custom entity reference field as a single (not multiple) field (Group Coordinator 1), to work for the majority and then have Group Coordinator 2, 3 etc for those with multiples?
    – petednz - fuzion
    Nov 24, 2023 at 18:25

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