In a SearchKit query, how can we get the values of the field "Modified by" that can be seen in the change log of a contact? For what is worth, we have advanced logging enabled ("Logging: Yes" in settings).

I want to build a "Recent Changes" saved search. This is the closest I'm getting:

  • Search for: Contacts and Contact Logs (I have tried with Contact Reports as well)
  • Where Modified Date is Last 7 Days Including Today (this works)
  • Display Name for the Contact Modified (this works)
  • Modified Date for the date modified (this works)
  • "Contact Logs: Modified By Display Name" only shows data when the user modifies their own contact card. If they modify other contact cards, this value is empty.

I can see the Modified By / Altered By logs in the contact cards. I have tried with values from Contact Reports but they don't bring any values. What am I missing?

I thought it could be a problem of permissions but I'm an admin and "Bypass Permissions" in the table won't make any difference.

If there is an entirely different way to get a list of Recent Changes, that would be useful to know too.

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The advanced logging tables do not have an api4 entity. Even if they did, the civireport that shows you the changes uses a diffing algorithm you'd have to somehow replicate because the advanced logs do not store changes, they store copies of the changed record.

What you're able to get in your description is coming from various fields on the contact record and from civicrm_log (the Log api4 entity - which is not the advanced logging and just has some basic info). I don't think you'll be able to get much more than what you've got, except you haven't mentioned Advanced Search - it has a changelog section which is basically the same as civicrm_log, but you can make a saved search from it.

  • Thank you for confirming what isn't possible nowadays. I will try Advanced Search + Profile, then.
    – icaria36
    Dec 8, 2023 at 14:17

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