We added a special pending memberhsip status for a client, but because it is not one of the default statuses, it is not getting excluded when the Update Membership Statuses scheuled job runs and is therefore getting processed. I noticed that the scheduled job should be able to take a parameter with an array of ints to tell the job what statuses to ignore, but it appears that the input parameter doesn't actually take an array of ints, but only a single one (which isn't helpful). Here is the error the gets returned when I run the scheduled job with the param:

Summary: Finished execution of Update Membership Statuses with result: Failure, Error message: exclude_membership_status_ids is not a valid integer

Here is the parameter I added to the scheduled job.


I also tried it without the square brackets:


What am I missing? Is this a bug in the code? How can I exclude my new membership status from being processed (and being set to New even though it is a special Pay Later pending status)?

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I think it should work if you change 'ids' to 'id' as per below


I tried on a local copy, executed the job and it did process - details below

Parameters raw (from db settings): 

Parameters parsed (and passed to API method): 

Full message: 
Finished execution of Update Membership Statuses with result: Success (Processed 26 membership records. Updated 0 records.)

Hope that will work for you too.

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