after trying to update CiviCRM on my Joomla 5.02, first I got some errors when launching CiviCRM, now I cannot login my Backend as admin at all. (see related question: Installation (5.69.1) fails: Server 500 Error (Joomla 5.02))

This is what I'm seeing when I try to login as admin: https://i.imgur.com/CuFfNbd.jpg

Any help is welcome, because I can't do ANYTHING right now!!


  • Is your civicrm.settings.php file missing? It seems like your include_path isn't getting set up.
    – Demerit
    Commented Jan 14 at 19:52
  • where would I find such a file? I don't even find a folder that looks like civicrm, neither in /components nor administrator/components Sorry, I looked on the wrong server 🙈 adminitrator/components/com_civicrm/script.civicrm.php is there. Commented Jan 14 at 20:46
  • I managed to get back into the backend (renamed /plugins/civicrm.php) When trying to install civicrm again I get this error message: i.imgur.com/UwSeDy1.jpg Commented Jan 14 at 21:05
  • Double post: civicrm.stackexchange.com/questions/46206/…
    – Guitarman
    Commented Feb 7 at 9:29

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Please have a look on how to fix this HERE.

Replace line 26 in the file com_civicrm/admin/civicrm/vendor/psr/log/Psr/Log/NullLogger.php, change it from public function log($level, $message, array $context = array()) to public function log($level, $message, array $context = []): void.

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