Created an Event, and had it repeating twice a week. As a result it created about 100 Events, all occurrences of that event happening twice a week for the entire year.

How do I bulk delete these repeating events? Changing the Repeating frequency doesn't delete already created events. I can see that I can remove each event one at a time, but that's a lot.

Hopefully someone can help solve this. Thanks in advance!

  • probably the 'new' way to do this would be using SearchKit and FormBuilder - i believe the Action to 'delete event' exists (though it is possible we created it using another extension)
    – petednz - fuzion
    Commented Jan 17 at 1:28

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Navigate to events >>> event templates, find the template you used to create the child items. In the templates-table, you see a href showing the number of child items linked to the parent event. Or just open the parent event and click on the tab "manage linked events".

There you have the possibility to select them all/multiple child items and chose "delete events" from the actions dropdown-menu above.

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