in view contact page, i can not see relationship tab and note tab in my project, i try to find reason, i clicked Display Preferences-> view contact setting, but only relationship tab and note tab no show on my view contact page, i dont know how to fix this bug.

civicrm 5.68 php 8.1

enter image description here

  • Do you have the contact layout editor extension enabled? Jan 23 at 13:12

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We had the same problem and resolved it by importing the SearchKit/Form. The info came from this answer: Relationships not being displayed

  • i don't know import , i have searchkit plugin, but i clicked searchkit (civicrm/admin/search), is error page, now i hardcode relationship button and hardcode herf link (civicrm/contact/view/rel?reset=1&cid=11), but is no any data and table, i dont know how to fix
    – Nick
    Jan 25 at 5:26
  • The import button is on the SearchKit page - the one you're getting an error for - so it sounds like you have bigger problems. What is the error? Your hardcoded link goes to the old relationship table that I guess doesn't work anymore. You need to figure out the searchkit problems first I think.
    – zip
    Jan 25 at 13:42
  • when i enter searchkit page, have message "There was a problem getting update information. Try again later.", when i install civicrm, have some default plugin in this path (web/sites/default/files/civicrm/ext/civicrm_admin_ui/ext/), in this path all plug in is version 5.57.alpha1, I think it has something to do with version, my seting drupal 10, civicrm 5.68, but my plugin have many alpha1, i dont know how to fix
    – Nick
    Jan 26 at 2:57

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