I am trying to create a new form to log health and safety accidents linked to an individual that will work as an online accident book that reports can be pulled from. I would like to link the form to existing individuals so that it is stored on their profile as an activity. I have created an activity type for this.

How to I link the form to an individual? On form builder I have opted for existing individual but seem to be missing a step. Have you used Civi for accident reporting and would you recommend an alternative way to log?

Thank you!

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Welcome to SE! From the FormBuilder main page, click the arrow next to New Submission Form and select Activity to create a new form.

  • Click on the Activity 1 tab
  • It should show Added by Select Current User - that makes sense: the person to be recorded as the creator of the activity is the current user when the form is filled in.
  • In the Activity Type box, select the activity type you created for Accident Reports.
  • You probably want to drag the Details field on the right pane so users can describe what happened, and may also add Assigned to in the Values section and add the name of your Health & Safety person so they receive an email when a new accident report is submitted.
  • You also want to record who is involved in the accident: (I think this is the bit you're missing)
    • A) You could assume that the person filling in the report was involved, so:
      • Under the Values section where it says Add value, click that and select With Contacts.
      • Click in the new With Contacts box and then on Select Current User
      • This won't show in the form the end-user sees but will set the fields on the CiviCRM activity. enter image description here
    • B) Alternatively, you can let the person filling in the form select the people involved:
      • Click on With Contacts under the list of Activity Fields and drag it on to the right pane near Subject
      • The user filling in the form can then select multiple people (including themselves) who were involved in the accident. enter image description here

Note that you don't need an Individual tab on the form if you only select existing contacts.

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