I recently had an error becuase my kcfinder package was out of date. I fixed it by manually copying the kcfinder folder from dir/vendor/civicrm/civicrm-packages to dir/html/libraries/civicrm/packages. I had tried running composer civicrm:publish but it seems this command is not working as expected for me.

I have a slightly different structure in my project as follows:


so in my root composer.json I have:

"civicrm-asset": {
            "path": "html/libraries/civicrm",
            "url": "/libraries/civicrm"

When I run composer civicrm:publish, it looks like it runs fine, I get the message:

Publishing CiviCRM assets to html/libraries/civicrm
Generating CiviCRM asset map

however, no new files seem to get written to the packages folder html/libraries/civicrm/packages. I tried changing the civicrm-asset paths in my composer.json file to:

 "civicrm-asset": {
            "path": "html/libraries/civicrm/packages",
            "url": "/libraries/civicrm/packages"

Then this generates a new folder packages inside the existing html/libraries/civicrm/packages folder and has copied across the libraries. However, it doesn't copy all the files, it doesn't seem to copy some of the folders or any of the .php files.

I am recently now also getting an error on my status page:

Wrong version of assets in public web directory: expected 5.70.0 but found 5.69.4

I checked the permissions on the html/libraries/civicrm/packages folder and they seem to be fine so not sure what the problem is. I also thought it would be useful to view the generated CiviCRM asset map, but wasn't sure how to do this.

  • I think your original config was fine. Try the -D option to do a complete copy. But note that (a) the plugin isn't supposed to copy everything, just web assets, and (b) kcfinder is known to have problems with drupal 8+. Consider using summernote as your editor instead.
    – Demerit
    Commented Feb 19 at 18:25
  • Thanks so much @Demerit, the -D option worked, all the packages were copied over. I should have known there would have been some command options! Thanks also for the tip on summernote, although kcfinder is working ok at the moment even with Drupal 10.
    – Ben
    Commented Feb 19 at 20:03

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Based on comments the -D option cleared out the cobwebs.

  • Same issue for me after a Civicrm upgrade: "Wrong version of assets in public web directory: expected 5.71.1 but found 5.70.2." Numerous attempts at composer civicrm:publish didn't work until I added the -D option. Thanks for the tip @Demerit.
    – Justin657
    Commented Mar 22 at 22:15

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