I have a "Subscribe to our Newsletter form" that works fine. It replies to a new subscriber with a system message with the address: https://my-website.org/civicrm/profile/view?reset=1&id=2109&gid=15&cs=b1e3576229a9f1640c7e52b6a06fbdc0_1708528073_168

Below is a screenshot of that page. I want to change the message in black and the Thank you message but I have no idea how to find the system template.

enter image description here

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Do you know how to use grep? It's very handy for this. It shows the first one is:

CRM/Mailing/Event/BAO/MailingEventSubscribe.php: CRM_Utils_System::setUFMessage(ts('Your subscription request has been submitted for %1. Check your inbox shortly for the confirmation email(s). If you do not see a confirmation email, please check your spam/junk mail folder.', [1 => $groupTitle]));

and the second is

CRM/Profile/Form/Edit.php: CRM_Core_Session::setStatus(ts('Your information has been saved.'), ts('Thank you.'), 'success');

But I don't recommend editing core files. You could use word replacements to change the strings just the match needs to be on how they are written in the code lines above. So e.g. the "Thank you" is a separate string from "Your information has been saved".

  • What if I want to add to this page something like, "Since you've signed up for our newsletter, how about Donating?" Is that in the realm of possibilities? Or do I have to tamper with core files? Mar 10 at 0:47

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