I've hit some strange behavior on a contribution page. I consider payment usability a big issue.

Using a price set, have radio select for different donation amounts (need price set as different financial types). Also have an "Other" numeric field. Payment options has 2 choices: "pay by cc" or "pay by check".

This is a common use case. Unless you add an explicit "other" in the select list with a 0 value, the option list will show "none" as an option.

Setting a radio select field with numeric value >0 works correctly. Setting a text / numeric input value >0 works correctly.

Setting a radio with a select numeric = 0 AND a text numeric value > 0 will not present the payment options but will increment the total.

Further problems when field does not validate on page or hitting back button - payment processor selection does not appear.

I see lot's of cc related issues but not this one please let me know if this is a known bug or a new one...

  • Tried to use webform, but does not seem to support "other" amount or multiple payment fields. Aug 13, 2015 at 19:38

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I didn't see a specific issue but this looks fixed in latest template file: http://bit.ly/1NecugN

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