I am working on a module extension which allow users to Register via different social media/oauth accounts. These login buttons need to be added below all the forms which are anonymously available.

What is the best way I can achieve this?

  • These buttons can be defined in a small smarty template file which can be inserted into the form.
  • or can be created via JavaScript, which can be inserted into the page.

Please suggest what should be the right way to do it.

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You should use Smarty:

According to the CiviCRM Javascript Reference, public-facing pages should follow the principle of Progressive Enhancement.

"Front-facing pages like contribution pages and event signups should adhere to the standards of PE. All front-end pages should be fully functional with js disabled."

  • Can you please refer to me an example where the insertion is being used? Commented Aug 14, 2015 at 7:52

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