I'm on Civi 5.50.1 on two different sites and should really upgrade. As Civi gets more complex, my fear of upgrading goes up. Seems like more problems every time. Anyway, problem right off the bat. It won't let me download 5.71.1-wordpress.zip. It starts the download and just sits there. 5.71.0 downloads just fine.

UPDATE: I upgraded to 5.71.0. It went fine, but I can't send email blasts now. CiviMail Components Settings is showing an error: enter image description here Line 37: echo smarty_function_help(array('id'=>$_smarty_tpl->tpl_vars['fieldSpec']->value['help']['id'],'file'=>$_smarty_tpl->tpl_vars['fieldSpec']->value['help']['file']),$_smarty_tpl);

Thanks for any help...

  • Which PHP-version do you use?
    – Guitarman
    Commented Mar 21 at 14:30
  • 8.2. The next day, the download button for 5.71.1 was working again.
    – jimcrist
    Commented Mar 21 at 17:21

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The inability to download 5.71.1 seemed to be a one-day glitch. Regarding the upgrade, I ended up having to start over. Upgraded to 5.70.2, but still having problems ;-(

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