I know I can do it using civicrm_buildForm but I don't know:

  • How to get the custom field
  • How to set the value to this field
  • What is your civicrm version? Commented Mar 21 at 17:44
  • @PradeepNayak 5.65.1 Commented Mar 21 at 17:45
  • Are you talking about offline contribution form? Commented Mar 21 at 17:51

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You can do something like below you can use API4 to get the exact machine names


function extname_civicrm_buildForm($formName, &$form) {
  if ($formName == 'CRM_Contribute_Form_Contribution_Main') {
    if (isset($_GET['custom_59'])) {
      $customFieldId = \Civi\Api4\CustomField::get(FALSE)
        ->addWhere('name', '=', 'is_eligible')
        ->addWhere('custom_group_id:name', '=', 'gift_aid')
        ->first()['id'] ?? NULL;
      if (!empty($customFieldId)) {
          'custom_' . $customFieldId => $_GET['custom_59'],
  • Thanks @PradeepNayak. However 59 is the custom field ID, right? My local env database is different from the prod database, so I need to get this custom field without using its ID. It's possible? Commented Mar 21 at 17:55
  • If you are using the same machine name then yes possible. Commented Mar 21 at 17:57

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