Is Oauth authentication method supported to use Google as smtp server for outbound Civimail ? With recent Google announcement, I fear our Civimail setup will be broken in September 2024

Detailed reasons for the question

  1. As per this google announcement, starting next June 2024, Oauth method will be mandatory to use Google as smtp server for Civicrm :

Google Workspace will no longer support the sign-in method for third-party apps or devices that require users to share their Google username and password. This antiquated sign-in method, known as Less Secure Apps (LSAs), puts users at an additional risk since it requires sharing Google Account credentials with third-party apps and devices that can make it easier for bad actors to gain unauthorized access to your account. Instead, you’ll need to use the option to Sign-In with Google [..]. Sign-in with Google leverages industry standard and more secure OAuth method of authentication

  1. We use our Google Workspace account as smtp relay in civicrm

  2. We have Oauth client extension enabled. Demerit wrote there in August 2021 : "In Civi at the current time OAUTH is only available for fetching mail/bounces, not sending mail"

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At the bottom of that article it says another alternative is https://support.google.com/mail/answer/185833. Oauth would be better, but you can use app passwords in the meantime.

  • Good answer, thanks a lot ! Will try this Commented Mar 23 at 18:45

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