I was clicking on the items in the "Configuration Checklist" screen and noticed they changed from "RED" to "GREEN".

I wish to put these items back to their "RED" state to remind other users to review them.

I assume the state is either kept in the DB or a cache file. If DB, please let me know which table. If cache file, please let me know its location.

  • oh 'state' as in 'status', not State as in State/Province. hmm. good question. not spotting a relevant table in the db.
    – petednz - fuzion
    Commented Apr 23 at 21:13
  • Yes, 'state' as in 'status'. I want to return these items back to their original (not yet viewed) state.
    – Art
    Commented Apr 24 at 0:47

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Short Answer:
Sit back and drink some coffee or a comforting beverage of your choice. They will magically work as long as they are using a different computer/web browser profile to you.

Medium Answer: The bad news is you can't really reset these without clearing your browser history for the pages in question.

The good news is that unless you share a browser with the people that you wish to remind to reset these you don't need to do anything! Unless they have already visited those pages.

Long answer:

If you inspect the element you will see that it's getting the colour styles from the ':visited' selector. This pseudo-class is applied by the browser to pages that you have visited.

Non-recommended answer:

If you really really wanted - you can change the link by adding an additional URL param so the browser will not treat it as visited.

You'll need to edit:


and change all the links (find them by searching for destination) add a url parameter after the '}' and before the '"' and include the ampersand as a separator.

Note if you upgrade CiviCRM these changes will be lost - but hopefully by this stage everything is configured anyway...

This will be found in different places depending on your CMS - Drupal 10 would be vendor/civicrm/civicrm-core/ (but in Joomla, Drupal 7/Backdrop, and Wordpress it will be where the code for civicrm lives i.e. modules or plugins )

  • Ahhh - the information is kept on the client machine, thanks Luke. I tried this on another machine and verified all the items in the "Configuration Checklist" are RED.
    – Art
    Commented Apr 25 at 0:14

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