I'm prepping to upgrade a Joomla 3.10 website to Joomla 4. This Civi installation was initially set up circa 2010-2011 (last upgraded in Dec 2023, will upgrade as part of this process), so there is some old software hanging around and I don't know if it's needed or can be removed, or if there's an update that I'm missing. These are the plugins:

CiviCRM System Listener v1.0 dated January 2011

CiviCRM User Management v1.0 dated January 2011

I'm guessing the functionality of these plugins is needed, but is there a newer version?

Also installed:

CiviAuthenticate v4.1.1 - I plan to uninstall this prior to the upgrade and then install the newest version. CiviCRM QuickIcon v 2.5.0 - assuming this is OK and doesn't need an upgrade


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