In the case of a contact import, I changed the titles values in CiviCRM so that Miss and Mister match my labels. Then, after the import test and after the import, I get quantity of rows in error: prefix_id is not a valid integer It turns out that at the time of changing the securities values, I was not informed of this. Should we not warn the user to put only values of type int? Notice to developers ;-)

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I'm guessing you mean 'option values' where it says 'securities values' ? (Translation issue??)

The values are usually integers but are not limited in the schema to int's so it looks like something in the import code is overly restrictive.

  • You're right, translation issue. I mean 'titles values': Madam is value 1 and Mister is value 3.
    – Alain Rihs
    Commented Apr 26 at 18:05

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