Trying to install civi on a brand new Drupal 10 site (have used Civi for years and have installed before, but back in the Drupal 5, 6, 7 days without any of these new tools). I'm pretty well conditioned to do things through the web-interface, which means I'm struggling more than I should with these command line tools. So, I apologize if this is just totally obvious.

Trying to follow instructions on the Civi documentation to a T. My site seems to have the Civi packages downloaded. And I seem to have cli-tools (at least this is the confirmation I get when I try to reinstall).

But when I try to install, it does not find the cv command. Am I not pointing to the right place? I'm setting the base URL to the exact path that the URL shows when I click on "CiviCRM" on my site. But I have tried it with every possible variation of this path (with/without the civicrm, for example) and get the same problem.

Here's what I'm seeing in my command line screen:

Using version ^2024.01 for civicrm/cli-tools vsource4@s1002:~/www/www/edboost.org$ cv core:install --cms-base-url="https://[actual path to civicirm on website]" --db="mysql://machineuser:[pass]@[livedatabase]/vsource4_edboost2024_civicrm" -bash: cv: command not found

I would so appreciate any help you can provide! -tiffani

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If you're using composer to get cv, then you'll probably need to give the full path to cv, e.g.

/path/to/drupal/vendor/civicrm/civicrm-cli-tools/bin/cv core:install ..etc..

(something like that - the cv file will be under vendor somewhere)

An alternative is use the cv download: https://github.com/civicrm/cv?tab=readme-ov-file#download, which has the advantage you can share it between multiple sites on the same server.

And you can still use the UI with civi+drupal10. Once you have all the files downloaded with composer, just enable the civicrm module from the UI list of drupal modules. It will then redirect to the UI installer.

  • Thank you! This is helpful. So, I tried to install with the UI, and everything looked good, but it doesn't seem to have worked. The Installer doesn't load and the only information I get is: Access Keys: System Status: Error I feel like, for a very quick second it looked like a more traditional screen, telling me I needed to set up a cron and configure other settings and then it changed to this. My sense is that I should uninstall and restart. But... Commented May 14 at 20:33
  • When I try to uninstall from the UI, I get this error: Exception: Cannot remove "/home/vsource4/www/www/edboost.org/web/sites/default/civicrm.settings.php". When I installed on UI, the one thing I had to fix was to make the civicrm.settings.php non-writable. Have toggled that on and off with no effect. The DB is still empty, so I know the install didn't work. Could I overwrite the installation by doing it again on the command line? Or am I missing something silly as I try to uninstall? I really just want a fresh try at it! Thank you!! Commented May 14 at 20:40

Building on Demerit's answer, I've been able to make some progress and present a partial answer to my first problem.

As I try to install, uninstall, do any of the things that I want to do, I keep hitting the same issue: I don't have permissions on settings.civicrm.php ... Ok, after some more poking around, this was in fact the error. I had not set write permissions on the directory holding the file (only the file itself) and once I corrected that, the reinstallation went through.

So, confirming that Demerit's answer, that I needed the path to use the cv tool was on point. Thank you!

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