We have a custom field of type file for a contribution. We use this field to store invoices for payment. After we did the CiviCRM upgrade to 5.73.1, the field stopped saving the file. We upgraded CiviCRM from 5.65.1 to 5.73.1, is there anything changed that we are not aware of to make the field again?

  • looks like a core bug May 14 at 20:51
  • Thanks for confirming, Any quick solution to fix it? Should we rollback the upgrade? May 14 at 20:57
  • I have added my answer May 14 at 20:59

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I have submitted a fix for the issue, you can either wait for the release or apply the patch

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    Nice work Pradeep!
    – Coleman
    May 14 at 23:26

Thanks, Pradeep, for issuing the patch so quickly. I encountered a similar issue with a custom file-type field linked to the Participant table. Does your patch cover this situation as well?

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    If you have a new question, please ask it by clicking the Ask Question button. Include a link to this question if it helps provide context. - From Review May 17 at 10:53

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