I am trying to run a search that would return first names that are random string of letters/numbers. We had a lot of spam come through a signup form, where first names look like "sldkfmVUnkdUnnns" or any other random string of letters. I was hoping I can use search kit to find first names that are longer than normal? I tried to use "matches pattern" but I'm not sure what to do.

Does anyone have a good solution for finding these spam records?

  • interesting solution in those answers. spam also often comes with 'first = last' just in case that has affected you and gives you a/ another way to find delete, b/ another tool to add to your forms to prevent these.
    – petednz - fuzion
    Commented May 21 at 20:13

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Using SearchKit -

To filter on first name > 12 characters - First Name - Matches Pattern - ^[a-z]{12,}

enter image description here

Ref - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1649435/regular-expression-to-limit-number-of-characters-to-10

Or this one may also be useful, find contacts with more than 1 uppercase letter in their first name - First Name - Matches Pattern (case sensitive) - [A-Z].*[A-Z]

enter image description here

Ref - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21900903/regex-to-detect-a-word-with-more-than-1-capital-letters

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