I am trying to configure CiviCRM 5.73.2 for a non-profit organisation that helps children with bereavement. They run camps which children can sign up for and I have configured them as events. They also have volunteers that work in admin, support and as mentors (1 mentor for 1 child). I first thought of using Civivolunteer and add the volunteers in a project but that seems not successful. My thoughts now are:

  1. create an event with Participant Approval and invite children (role: child) and volunteers (role: Well-Being Team) to register. ALl the registrations get the status "in cohort"
  2. Three weeks out from the event review and select the participants and run the Action: Participant status - change and update the status to "Pending from approval". This then triggers the email to everyone for confirmation
  3. Once the recipient confirms the email I would like to finalise the registration based on the role. The child would need to fill out details about their camp preferences, diet preferences, medical details, consent. The volunteer (Well-Being team) would need different details about diet, preferred role (mentor, nurse, admin, food preparation, cleanup, mentor), references, working with children status, consent.
  4. For mentors I think I should either register the mentor/mentee name in a custom field or use relationships. The problem of relationships is that it is not limited to an event participant which is prone to errors. The problem of a custom field is that there is the possibility of making the relationship 1: many which is not what they want

I have some things I would like advise on:

  • how to differ the signup process dependent on the participant role where a child participant role needs a different signup profile than a well-being participant role
  • how best to relate mentors and mentees

Any smart ideas?



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