I am trying to customize a report (Contribute/Summary) to compute LAST YEAR "to date" totals (so I can compare them with how we are doing so far this year). I have created the new template/php files but am at a loss where to "subtract the one year" from the "current year-to-date field" before the query is done. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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You may want to first check out the Advanced Fundraising Reports extension before you go too far down that road - I think it has the option you want.

Second - I've been working on user-configurable date filters - I'm hoping to get them into the next version of Civi, so you don't have to modify code to get a new filter.

Third - since you need this now and not later - you'll want to override one or both of these core files: CRM/Core/Form/Date.php CRM/Utils/Date.php (function relativeToAbsolute).

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