I am working on CRM-11369 bug. However, I was facing problems in generating sql/civicrm_generated.mysql using bin/regen.sh file. The fifth line of bin/regen.sh file is 'source dirname $0/setup.conf'. But there is no setup.conf file in this folder. So I made a copy of bin/setup.conf.txt as bin/setup.conf and filled in the values for CIVISOURCEDIR, DBNAME, DBUSER and DBPASS. I'm still runnning into errors.

I get the following error:

bower angular-jquery-dialog-service#civicrm resolve https://github.com/totten/angular-jquery-dialog-service.git#civicrm

bower retry Request to https://bower.herokuapp.com/packages/angular failed with ECONNRESET, retrying in 1.0s

It would be great if someone could help me with this.



cp bin/setup.conf.txt bin/setup.conf

Then edit and fill in appropriate values in the setup.conf file before trying to run regen.sh.

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