civicrm 4.6.8/joomla 3.4.1/php 5.6.11

moved civi to new server

everything seems ok EXCEPT the civi home page which hangs trying to display the dashboard

here's the log dump from the error


so civi is losing connection to mysql ???

if i enter civi via another url
(eg http://..../administrator/?option=com_civicrm&task=civicrm/event/manage&reset=1)

all is well. and i can navigate to every other civi screen and function without a problem. in place editing works fine.

but obviously hanging on the home page is a real problem for users.

my php environments are very similar (new host is slightly newer version).


yellow stuff is new host

tried trunc'ing dashboard_contacts

php error_reporting is the same as on the old site

any ideas to try?


In my experience, this kind of thing is usually caused by something (a hosting setting?) trying to use a www.- site URL and CiviCRM using a non-www. site URL in the civicrm.settings.php files, or the othe way around.

  • my .htaccess rewrites any attempts to go to www.sitename.org to sitename.org. and civi is configured consistently to use sitename.org. this should not really be an issue. Sep 1 '15 at 12:33
  • Did you solve this issue?
    – Jern
    Sep 8 '15 at 17:27

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