We're running 4.6.8 on WordPress 4.2.4. I'm not finding guidance on this searching the web. Here's the CiviEvent registration page link:


We have an event that when registering by PayPal - it all works. But if "pay later" is chosen - it's complaining about missing fields that have already been filled out (address), or for the first and last name- it complains about the Country and Billing Name & Address that are not in our requested profile. Full error below:

Please correct the following errors in the form fields below:

Billing First Name is a required field.
Billing Last Name is a required field.
Street Address is a required field.
City is a required field.
State/Province is a required field.
Postal Code is a required field.
Country is a required field.

Any ideas? Our last event (before a few civievent upgrades), this feature worked fine.

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You may want to have a look at this issue.


There have been discussions in past about what happens if a required filled is in the Billing address block but is not ALSO included in a Profile. Not sure how closely that matches your scenario but try JIRA 15118

Otherwise googling for "pay later" and 'billing' and 'required' might score you something. hth


You just needs to unchecked the billing address required option under event configuration fees tab.


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