Shouldn't the "Mailing" tab in the navigation disappear when I disable the CiviMail component in the administrator settings?

Because I can still see it, after I disabled the component and I get a access error when I click on a drop down link of the tab.

CiviCRM version:4.6.8CMS version:Drupal 7.39MySQL version:5.0.10PHP version:5.4.7

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This appears to be a bug - I was able to reproduce it as well. Normally disabling a component should hide the menu items associated with it. If this is important to you, you could try to figure out what's going wrong and submit a pull-request with the code to fix it, or else provide funding to fix it in the paid issue queue. Unfortunately the core team doesn't have capacity to fix non-critical bugs unless someone provides code or funding.


There is a specific admin menu for setting up the display of the menu. It is located under Administer menu > Customize Data and Screens > Display Preferences.

  • Thanks, I knew about this feature, but it's still weird that the nav menu entry is still there after I disabled the component. Sep 2, 2015 at 15:45

It might be a cache/session issue.

Did you logout/login after you disabled the component?


  • I cleared the cache and tried it even with another browser. It's still there. Sep 2, 2015 at 15:45

This bug also exists with civicrm 4.6.8 inside jooomla 3.4.4.

The suggested solution in setting up Display preferences for contacts does ot change the issue: Mailings is in the civicrm menu while it is de-activated. As a minor point: The error message is ugly, terminates the civicrm component and returns the user to the control-panel of Joomla.

ps: just saw that it is possible to delete the menu-item in another screen: navigation menu.

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