Trying to create a Drupal View that shows total number of days in a case.

There are two methods I'm considering:

First, I imagine if I could turn the case start date and end date into "Days Ago" within the view I could perform a math calculation of [end_date]-[start_date] to get the number.

The other method I thought may work would be to create an aggregate table through views that displayed a daily case load. For example, on 1.1.15 list these 5 people that have ongoing cases. On 1.2.15 list these 5 people that have an open case. From there, I could group by contact name and count.

Anyone have any ideas or done something similar?

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Got it!

In Drupal added the Unix Timestamp format: Administration/Regional and Language/Formats/Add Format. For the string I put in U. Added the Date Type Unix Timestamp

In the View: Added the Start and End Date fields. Under Date Format selected the Unix Timestamp type I just created. Added a Math Expression field with the expression (([end_date]-[start_date])/86400) since there are 86400 seconds in a day.


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