In some of my CiviCRM database, i have contacts who share the same email. I don't want people to modify the wrong contact when filling a public anonymous form.

To avoid that, I'd like the unsupervised dedupe rule for individual to be Email + First Name.

When i go to the UI (/civicrm/contact/deduperules?reset=1&action=browse) i see it's not possible to change the default rule. Is there any problem to expect if i disable the default rule in the database by setting is_active = 0 and create a new unsupervised rule ?


I see there is no is_active field so i guess i will have to either delete, either changed it to a General type of rule.

The question is the same - is there any problem to expect ?


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On our site we simply created a new rule, and chose the 'Unsupervised' option when creating it.

enter image description here

That creates the rule, and marks it as the default 'Unsupervised' one. The old default is downgraded to a 'General' rule. If it was a built-in rule then it stays 'reserved' so you can't edit it.

I don't think there's any need to delete them, or fiddle in the database =]

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